Saturday, 23 April 2011


Summary of features:
- Creating of complete new scoreboards
- Positioning of all textures and text-elements (with mouse-moving or exact values)
- Selection of colors of the text-elements
- Selection of size of the text-elements
- Selection of size of the screen preview and the preview elements
- Automatic selection of the screen resolution of fifa (+ manual changing)
- Import of dds-files
- Export of dds-files
- Import of all png-filetypes with the correct size
- Export of the textures as png-files
- Moving the complete scoreboard with one click
- Hide/Show of single elements to keep track of the previewscreen
- elements, which positions were changed, will be in the forground automatically
- auto update function (the tool searchs for updates by itself and installs automatically new versions

To create a scoreboard of a special league for FIFA, you have just to rename the big-file.
Here you can find a list with the filenames:
Default: overlay_2002.big
France: overlay_3002.big
Germany: overlay_4002.big
Italy: overlay_5002.big
Spain: overlay_6002.big


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